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Kol Ami - Jewish Peoplehood Leadership Academy, now entering its seventh year, is a six month program for school leavers from Israel and Jews from abroad.

The life changing program, which is run by the Jewish Agency and works with MASA, operates from the end of August until the end of February.


Kol Ami strive to forge a deep, meaningful, and lasting connection amongst the next generation of Jews, who embrace their differences.


The participants come from all different backgrounds including Israelis, tourists, olim, religious, secular, and everything in between.


During the program, participants learn about each other, while exploring Israel, volunteering, taking a wide variety of classes, and living together as a community. A majority of the classes are focused on the concept of Jewish Peoplehood, a topic that involves a lot of discussions and personal thinking.


In kol Ami we embrace our diversity and challenge one other to rethink what exactly it means to be a Jew.


The uniqueness of Kol Ami lies in the positive environment that is created by the desire of the participants to better themselves and become the next generation of Jewish leaders and educators around the world.


After six months at Kol Ami, participants leave as mature, open, and well-educated ambassadors who truly understand what it means to be a part of the Jewish people.


Daily Life

A typical day at Mechinat Kol Ami begins early in the morning- either with a 'Madas' (work-out), or with 'Boker Tov', participant run games to wake everyone up and begin the day in the right mindset.


In classic Mechina fashion, all meals are cooked by the participants themselves based on a rotation; they plan everything from budgeting, rationing, cleaning... All aspects of Mechina life are run by the participants, the staff serves merely as guides.


The participants are divided amongst different Va'adot, or committees, with each being responsible for a different aspect of running the Mechina. Every day, the Va'adot have time to meet and work on their various projects.


In addition to this time, days in the Mechina consist of many classes. Sometimes outside speakers or teachers are brought in, and sometimes classes are led by the counselors or participants themselves. Topics include philosophy, leadership, Jewish history, psychology, Israel Advocacy and anything that interests the group!


Each week has a different theme and in addition to the core classes, additional activities and classes are added each week to tie in the week's theme. Some days, time is dedicated to volunteering. During these times, participants go out into their communities and do activities such as teaching English in local schools, visiting nursing homes and running activities for local children.


There is also time throughout the days for participants to run their own activities, lead discussions, relax, and address issues within the Mechina. Days are extremely busy with few breaks and programming usually ends around 10 p.m.




Mechinat Kol Ami has five shluchot (branches), around Israel. The participants are divided amongst the campuses based on preference and background. Each campus has a balance of Israelis and participants from abroad, and has both religious and secular Chanichim. The five locations are Kibbutz Bahan, Kibbutz Kiriyat Anavim, Kiriyat Yearim Youth Village, Carmiel Childrens Vilage and Migdal Oz (in partnership with Bnei Akiva Olami).


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