The Jewish Pathfinders Project // Jødiske Veivisere

As well as being a wonderful gap year program on its own, completing Shvilim is also necessary to apply for the job of being a ‘Jewish Pathfinder’ (in Norwegian “Jødisk Veiviser”) for the Jewish Community in Norway. 

The main part of the job is travelling to middle and high schools all over Norway to talk about what it’s like to be Jewish in Norway. The Pathfinders answer questions, tell their stories and discuss topics like diversity, identity and discrimination with the students. 

The Jewish Pathfinders project is a part of the Norwegian Government’s Action Plan Against Antisemitism (201-2020) (link: The main goals of the projects are to spread knowledge, to visualize the Norwegian Jewish minority and to help fight prejudice. 

The Pathfinders are employed full-time for a year and work in pairs of two. 
The Jewish Pathfinders project is unique to Norway in the year-long education for the job (Shvilim). Through this education, the Pathfinders are educated and trained not only in Jewish subjects and Antisemitism, but also more generally in human rights, democratic dialogue as well as identity and diversity theory.