“Shvilim is a unique gap-year program that has definitely been worth it for me. You spend a year of travelling and experiencing different cultures from the inside, but also study concrete subjects and end up with advantages for later studies, such as study-points. Importantly, Shvilim is never set, and if you come with a suggestion to what you want to see or visit, it will almost certainly be possible.”







The program begins in Oslo as an introduction for the year.

You will be in- formed of the university studies in OsloMet, and the

academic schedule for the year.

This part will include a trip to another Scandinavian Jewish

community and a lot of other activities to get to know each other.


September - February


Kol Ami


arriving in Israel, you will join other Israelis and Jews from abroad for 6 months with the Jewish peoplehood and leadership academy - Kol Ami.

Kol Ami strive to forge a deep, meaningful, and lasting

connection amongst the next generation of Jews, who

embrace their differences.


The participants come from all different backgrounds

including Israelis, tourists, olim, religious, secular, and

everything in between.


During the program, participants learn about each

other, while exploring Israel, volunteering, taking a

wide variety of classes, and living together as a community. A majority of the classes are focused on the concept of Jewish Peoplehood, philosophy, leadership, Jewish history, psychology, Israel Advocacy and many others.

The days are busy with different activities, the participants has a lot of responsibilities and projects to work on, but still you can find time for your own interests.

The time with Kol Ami is a unique opportunity to get to know a variety of Jewish cultures from around the world, together with the Israeli one.

There is also an option to learn Hebrew during the time of the Mechina.




After Kol Ami ends, the group will have time to explore Israel on it’s own. It is time to process together what we have been through in the last 6 intensive months, and get ready for the next chapter.





Shvilim moves to Oslo. Here you will attend a study program developed for Shvilim at the OsloMet – The Metropolitan University.

In two courses you will

get a Scandinavian

perspective on a variety

of Jewish topics. Part of

the program is dedicated

to developing rhetorical

and leadership skills in a

Scandinavian environment.

The overall focus is

education towards

democratic values and

fight against racism.





At this point Shvilim will take you to the USA. Here the program is focused around two main themes:

(1) Combating anti-Semitism and other forms of prejudice:

USA houses the main branches of ADL and you will be part

(together with another group of European Jewish students)

of seminars and workshops on the broad topic on different

aspects of anti-Semitism and how to stand up against anti-

Semitism and other forms of prejudice.

(2) Learning about American Jewry: USA is home of the second largest Jewish population in the world only surpassed by Israel. You will visit Jewish institutions, Jewish organizations on campus and other important sites. While experiencing Jewish life in the USA, the program will deal with the different challenges facing Scandinavian Jewish youth.

The ADL seminar takes place in New York, and we will travel to other places as well (Canada/Boston/Washington D.C in past years).